Hard to be a saint now, with all those sinners running free.” - Hard to Be a Saint


The Handshake Saints came together mystically as if the perfect notes of a musical marriage had been ordained. The groove and feel always take president with their original material, cultivated by a blend of musical influences that bring a decidedly modern twist on a vintage sound. Their upbeat rhythms, infectious melodies, and engaging lyrics feel rich in rock-n-roll history, born from the same blue-collar street corners that made Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run" and caused Aretha Franklin to preach about "Respect."

And when the Saints hit the stage, the music explodes, driving the crowd into a righteous and rhythmic fervor that takes them on a rollicking journey through a series of passionate, tuneful, and charmingly ferocious songs. 

Formed in 2019, the Handshake Saints are a tight-knit band of brothers that includes Aaron Mullins (piano), Roger Norman (drums), Phil Cristofaro (bass), and Josh Masten (guitar). 

"Our goal from the beginning has been to be a great, straight-ahead rock-n-roll band," Mullins explains. "From a young age, each of the guys fell in love with a variety of music, which represents the essence of our songs. That love continues to be the driving force behind our songwriting, producing, and live shows to this day." 

The Handshake Saints write, record, and perform their blend of original music in Northwest Arkansas. Their first single release, Hard to Be a Saint, is available now on most streaming platforms. The band is currently producing their EP which is expected to be released in early 2021.