The Handshake Saints are a (hard) working indie rock-n-roll band with a unique sound that straddles roots rock, R&B, punk, and soul. On any given night, the Saints deliver a passionate, soulful, and ferociously rocking live performance that leaves audiences clamoring for more. 

Formed in 2019, the Handshake Saints are a tight-knit band of brothers that includes Aaron Mullins (piano), Roger Norman (drums), Phil Cristofaro (bass) and Josh Masten (guitar).


LIVE PERFORMANCE TRACK: Whole Lotta Shakin Going On

A new live performance by the Handshake Saints of Whole Lotta Shakin Going On is now available on all streaming platforms. This live cut by the band, which took place as an electric encore for a 2020 rooftop show, pays…


The Handshake Saints (Aaron & Phil) set down recently for a lively conversation with the guys from the Look What I Did podcast (Aaron & Daniel) to chat about the bands new single, Hard to Be a Saint, and what…

REVIEW: Hard to Be a Saint (single), by The Ark of Music

The Handshake Saints – a rock band out of Northwest Arkansas – have aptly defined their style as a “decidedly modern twist on a vintage sound“. This concise descriptor couldn’t be more accurate, as the group’s bright take on a…